1. Happy Joy
2. Shut Your Cow
3. What's It Like?

4. Felt
5. Gauze
6. Behind The Green Light
7. I'll Wait In Line

8. Haunted
9. Opium Night Life
10. I Know The Sun
11. Heart Of Darkness
12. A Box Full Of Lies
13. What A Life
14. Plains

15. In Their Eyes
16. Old Vic

17. After All …
18. Hove (East Of The Meridian)
19. Sepia

all tracks © 1994 pitch and putt records
tracks 1-3,8,9,12, © Ellwood/Bailey/Durnian/Crewdson. Tracks 4-6,11,15 © Ellwood/Bailey/Crewdson. Track 7© Bailey/Crewdson. Track 10 © Ellwood/Crewdson/Askew. Track 13 © Crewdson.Track 14© Ellwood/Bailey/Durnian/Askew. Track 16 © Ellwood/Bailey/Askew. Track 17 © Bailey. Track18 © Ellwood/Crewdson. Track 19 © Ellwood/Bailey/Durnian/Mitchell. Track 11. Contains dialogue from the film Apocalypse Now. Track 9 Contains dialogue from the film Dirty Harry
Full Line Up: John Crewdson (vox, guitars, keyboards), Shaun Ellwood (guitars), Mike Bailey (guitars), Warwick Durnain (Bass), Mike Askew (fiddle), Neil Porter (percussion), Mark Mitchell (drums).

Gig List:
14th June 1994 The Hogs Head Blackpool (supporting Blue Fish)
18th August 1994 The New Ship Inn Preston
5th September 1994 The Tache Nightclub Blackpool
27th October 1994 The New Vic Fleetwood
18th November 1994 Apple Annies Blackpool (Rock Battle heat)
22nd November 1994 The Park Lancaster (supporting Blue Fish)

Live At The Park Lancaster

Opium Nightlife Lyrics
Silky Brown Calypso
Inca Memories
Bringing On The Symptoms Of Tropical Disease
Boiling Hot The Water
To Soothe Your Pain With Ease
Talking Of Biology
With A Box Of Killer Bees
They Sting You Twice As Hard
They Bring You To Your Knees
The Latent Smell Of Rose Wood
That's Clinging To The Trees
Floating On The Wind
Out Across The Sea
Breathe Away All Honesty
That's How I Want To Be
That's How I Want To Be


Uneasy Listening

1.Nine Lives
2. Polymorph

3.True Seeing

5.Big Blind God
6.Dead As Snow
7.Wet Paint
8.An Arbour
9.Old Ghosts

11. Havana
12.The Black Manse
13. Quintessence

all tracks © 1994 pitch and putt records
all songs written by John Crewdson except 1,4,6,10 (crewdson/ellwood)
Full Line Up: John Crewdson, Shaun Ellwood

Uneasy Listening Was Reviewed in 'Sun Zoom Spark Magazine' issue 7 Dec 1994 p.47:


Sparkly Jugs


1. Crap Imaginary Rejection Song
2. Everybody's Bluffing
3. I Can Fly
4. In Seville
5. Mr Porter -Mr Durnian
6. On Glass Ice
7. Pedxing
8. Plug It In
9. Quaternity
10. Resonance Divided
11. Sour Fuel
12. S - Handy Bass
13. Sparkly Jugs
14. When We Said We'd Come Alive
15. Way Down Below Me
all tracks © 1994 pitch and putt records
all tracks written, performed and recorded by John Crewdson except track 5 (porter/durnian/crewdson)



1. Bekky, What's Happening?
2. Yogic Wind
3. Gabba Skank
4. Motson
5. Azimuth Time
6. Dengue Fever
7. Sanskrit's Alive!
8. Atari 500
9. Trolley Bus Divine
10. Gangsta Krap
11. Il Trotto Tranquo E' Carpo
12. Borussia Munchengladbach
13. Claire Blair
14. Licensed Houses And Their Management
15. I'l Seyno Nero E Sporco
16. Yem Baggies

all tracks © 1994 pitch and putt records
all tracks written, performed and recorded by John Crewdson


Still Born Summer

1. Still Born Summer part 1
2. Still Born Summer part 2
3. Still Born Summer part 3

4. Still Born Summer part 4
all tracks © 1994 pitch and putt records
all tracks written by John Crewdson