Savage Crimes E.P.

1. Psyclobin
2. Psyclobin Reaction

3. I'll See You Again
4. Thoughts Of You

all tracks © 1990 pitch and putt records
all songs written by John Crewdson. Lyrics on track 4 by L. Roberts.

Full Line Up: John Crewdson

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Sony Walkmans, mr. Stiffee, Denis Nilsen, Letraset, Standard Fireworks, Asterix, Wadsworth 6X, The Double Dekkers, Jack Ruby, Food, Les Dennis, Green House Burgers, Billy Whizz, Linda Roberts, Yoghurt, R.J. McMurphy, Jon Mundy, 4 square, The Late Show, Agent Orange, Freewheelin Franklin, Big Bird, Cargo, Hot Potato, Keith Berry, Christopher Lillycrap, Ralph McTell, Akka Bilk, Cleo Layne, Atara's Band, That Guy With The Afro From Magpie.


Nasty Pasty

1. Guitar Blah
2. The Lost Ramshackle Phoney Sheep
3. Write From Wrong
4. Docket
5. Journey On The Last Tram From Fear Part I
6. Thrust Force 5.1.11
7. Message Of War From Itichta Command Craft
8. Smoke On The Water
9. Pants (Dub)
10. Sunrise Through The Window Pain
11. Wavering On The Beat (Score On A Throb (Your Thang))
12. A Refreshing Change
13. Mind How You Go
14. The Wheels On The Bus (Go Round And Round)
15. Nasty Pasty, Never Lasty, Fucking Basty
16. Krap Conversation
all tracks © 1990 pitch and putt records except 8. by Blackmoore, Gillan, Glover,Lord,Paige

Full Line Up: Craig Clifford, Warwick Durnian, John Crewdson with Brian Hornby (guitar on Write From Wrong), Kev Berry (guitar on Guitar Blah).Smoke On The Water Performed by Fast Exit: Amanda Berry - Keys, Kev Berry - Guitar, Mark Ward - Bass and Colin Pownall - Drums

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1. Clive's Wine
2. Big In Knott -End
3. Bike
4. Turning (In The Area)
5. Nice One (Special B-B-Que Sauce Mix)
6. Ota
7. Nancy
8. Pint
9. Here It Comes Again
10. Mr. Loopee
11. Write The Writes
12. One White Line

 all tracks & lyrics  © 1990 pitch and putt records except: 1 ,2, 5 ,8 &12 (music only).
track 3 ©Syd Barrett

Full Line Up: Craig Clifford, John Crewdson, Warwick Durnian
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CJ, Brian Hornby, Jimmy Hendrix, The Poll Tax, Theakstons Old Peculiar, Property Services, Rizla, The Woman With The Green Face, A Nice Cone Shaped Biff, Q, Clive Bicknall, Karl Crewdson, Michael Stand, Coniston, The North Euston Hotel, The Man With The Beard, Jimmy Page, The Bay City Rollers, The Queens Hotel, Planters, Paul Taylor, Scaff Tag, Tarka, the Red Hand Gang, Greta Garbo, Jimmy Krankie, James Bond III, Byker Grove, Jim Morrison, Shaun Ryder, Kerrie Levett, Absolutely, Spiritual Sky, David Lyon, Thwaites, Regal King Size, Balloons, Page 3, Musical Saw, Argentinean Folk Law, Frank Carson, Tez Woags, Electrolux, The Watch Tower Bible Tract, Gilberts Fridge, Jo Mangle, Dodge, Milcha Cow, Feed Back, L.C.C., Old Dan, Flu, Mike Gatting, Augustus Owsley III, Fat Slags, John Craven, Fat Freddie's Cat, The Loopee's, Ooooh Ya He's Got A Cutlass!

Mr. Loopee lyrics

Mr. Loopee
Had A Laundry
He Liked To Wash Socks In It For Free
Mrs. Loopee
Makes Up His Tea
He Eats It All Up Madly
With Glee
Baby Loopee
Goes In The Machine
When He Comes Out
He's Nice And Clean
Grandma Loopee
Is Ninety - Three
She's Had All Her Teeth Kicked Out By Me

Nancy lyrics

We Love Painting In Our Sleep
But We Don't Know Where To Start
With Our Art
Our Paints Leak
Because We Have No Technique
What Can We Do?
We Don't Want No Night School
Paint Along Me And You
And Nancy-And Nancy Too
Whose That Man With The Beard We
Think He's Really Weird
Because He Can't Draw And Sketch
Ink And Etch
Copy Crayon Or Pencil
We Don't Know Quite What To Do
Paint Along Me And You
And Nancy-And Nancy Too
Paint Along With Nancy
She'll Paint Just What You Fancy
Anything At All
She'll Take You Around Her
Private Gallery
Makes It All Look Very Easy
the hirundu
Ota lyrics

Otter In The Water
Otter Water In The Otter
Otter Otter Water Otter otter Water
Water Otter
Otter Otter In The Water Otter Otter
In The Water Water Otter
Water Water
Water Otter
Pint lyrics

Pint Lager
Planters Fight
Pint Lager
Planters Fight
Bitter Pint
Right? Fight
Yeah Right
Lager Right Yeah
the hirundu
Clive's Wine lyrics
Weekend Evenings When There's Nothing To Do
Nothing Exciting Nothing Exciting
Very Little Money Cos We Haven't Left School
Nobody Earning Nobody Earning
Ending Up With Nowhere To Go
Getting Cold As The Sun Gets Low
Come Along And Follow The Line
Drink A Bottle Of Or A Barrel Of
Clive's Wine
We'll Drink Clive's Wine I'm Feeling Fine You'll Show The Signs
We'll Drink Clive's Wine High In The Sky Where Rainbows Go By
I Know Just What Your Thinking Of
I Can See It On Your Face
Take A Little Trip Its Not Far To Go
And We'll Soon Be There And We're Drinking
Clive's Wine
We'll Drink Clive's Wine I'm Feeling Fine You'll Show The Signs
We'll Drink Clive's Wine High In The Sky Where Rainbows Go By
Have A Smoke From A Bottle Of Coke
I Hear Voices But No One Spoke
Serious This Is No Joke
Are You Feeling Fine
From A Bit Of Clive's Wine
Big In Knott End lyrics

On The Sea Side
Float Around With An Empty Head And Sparkly Eyes
Hallucinations Seeing Giant Spiders Floating In The Sea And In The Sky
You Told Me What To Take No I've Made A Big Mistake
I Won't Go Over Wyre Again
Nothing Happens Over There I Will Live Without A Care
It's Easy When Your Big In Knott End
Big In Knott End Tonight
Big In Knott End all right
To The Irish Sea So Gray
Big In Knott End all right
Radiation On The Sea Side
Things Are Easy When Your Big In Knott End
Big In Knott End Tonight
Big In Knott End all right
Big In Knott End You Can See Me Over There
Big In Knott End I Am Spinning With Flowers In My Hair
Things Are Groovy When Your Big In Knott End
Have A Drink Or Have Some Gin
Float About With A Stupid Grin Upon Your Face Oh No
I Just Can't Sit Here With You Cos I Know That Your So Strange You Might Go Mad And Try To Go
We're Not Getting Very Far
Now That You've Smashed Up Your Car
I'll Be Living All Alone Tonight
Tell Us What Your Going To Do
Do I Have To Go Again With You
Its Crazy When Your Big In Knott End
the hirundu
Nice One (Special B-B-Que Sauce Mix) lyrics
Nice One! Come On!
Chill And Kill To Thrill And Make A Record Spin Like A Windmill
Slice And Dice The Lice On The White Mice
Loud But Proud Silent But Deadly
That's Me Wazzy D Superior MC
Selects The Most Appropriate Lyrics
The Cause The Force To Make This Yours
Gathering Convenient Data
I Don't Hate 'Cha
All Kinds Of Species Tuning In On The Frequencies
Electric Don't Mess With The Might Of The W.A.Z.Z.Y
Cos He's The One For 1990
Study And Determine The Correct Method
Cos I'm The One That's Been Send Here
To Use Choose Accuse And Experiment
Yo! Smooth The Groove And Get Loose With The Love Juice
Don't Be Shy, Lie Or Cry
You Know You Outa Yeah I've Had Your Daughter
So What?
She Had A Touch Of Class
And A Nice Shapely Ass
I'll Threaten Your Life With A Slash Of A Flick Knife
And I Can Romance And Dance My Way Out Of Any Trouble And Strife
So Don't Mess With Wazzy D
Cos He's The One For 1990
I'm Back The Man With The Slap Jack
Ready To Conquer And Invade
And Of Course Get Laid
Invincible, Gathering Speed, To Penetrate The Force And Not To Mislead
I've Got The Advanced Power
The Humble MC That's As Large As A Tower
Yeah Nice One
I Make The Rhymes That Have Got To Be Spoken
I Make The Pacts Not To Be Broken Wazzy's Here So Keep Your Eyes Open
Out Of Date Like A Shell Garage Petrol Token
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1. Sex, Drugs And Sausage Rolls
2. Hear This
3. Surreal Baby (How Do You Feel?)
4. Spilling Blood
5. Try Your Best
6. Farewell Stuart Hall
7. Post Bag
8. Let Me Go
9. Long, She Danced
10. Evil Angel

all tracks © 1990 pitch and putt record
All Songs Written By John Crewdson (Additional lyrics on Track 3 by M. Chatburn)

Thank You List:
North West Tonight, Old Hoburn, Bentley's Yorkshire Bitter, Brian Hornby, The Banana Splits, Scrabble, Time, Tascam, Tree's, Derek and Clive, Son House, Tea.

Farewell Stuart Hall lyrics
A Fond Farewell Stuart Hall
Stuart Stuart Is Very Tall
Oh No He's Not He's Very Small
He Wears Shirts With Yellow Collars
I Wouldn't Wear One For A Million Dollars
In The Evening We Hear Him Call
A Fond Fare Well
Stuart Hall
He Gets Letters In His Post Bag
About John Who's A Bore
And Gwyneth The Fat Slag
A Fond Farewell To Stuart Hall
Stuart Stuarts On The Ball
A Fond Farewell From Stuart Hall


Lived On No Devil

1. Alone Not Lonely
2. Psycomania
3. Been Waiting So Long
4. Make Your Music Worthwhile
5. Every Now And Then
6. Mind Bending Spoons
7. Screw The House
8. Can Nothing Be The Same?
9. Just A Smackhead Parts I & II
10. Rather Green
11. Only For The Blind
12. The Final Trip

all tracks © 1990 pitch and putt record
all songs written by John Crewdson except 5 & 9 (lyrics by Mark Chatburn)
Full Line Up: John Crewdson, Mark Chatburn
 Thank You List:
Alcohol, Dylsexia, Oxygen, D.N.A., Wet Paint, Purple, That Bloke Over There, Mark Chatburn, Berol Standard, Bostick.

* please note- for reasons of copyright, quality control and good taste, not all tracks are available.