Nasty Pasty

1. Guitar Blah
2. The Lost Ramshackle Phoney Sheep
3. Write From Wrong
4. Docket
5. Journey On The Last Tram From Fear Part I
6. Thrust Force 5.1.11
7. Message Of War From Itichta Command Craft
8. Smoke On The Water
9. Pants (Dub)
10. Sunrise Through The Window Pain
11. Wavering On The Beat (Score On A Throb (Your Thang))
12. A Refreshing Change
13. Mind How You Go
14. The Wheels On The Bus (Go Round And Round)
15. Nasty Pasty, Never Lasty, Fucking Basty
16. Krap Conversation
all tracks © 1990 pitch and putt records except 8. by Blackmoore, Gillan, Glover,Lord,Paige

Full Line Up: Craig Clifford, Warwick Durnian, John Crewdson with Brian Hornby (guitar on Write From Wrong), Kev Berry (guitar on Guitar Blah).Smoke On The Water Performed by Fast Exit: Amanda Berry - Keys, Kev Berry - Guitar, Mark Ward - Bass and Colin Pownall - Drums

Thank You List:
Vimto, British Rain, British Rail, Woodpecker Cider, Fleetwood Yatch Club, Round Robin, Mike Bailey, Dimplex, Topless Darts, The Barking and Romford Toad, Student Lawns, Linda Roberts, The Tasche, The Tash, Big Bird, Mad Lizzie, Red Seal, Gibson, Mark Ward, D.H. S.S., Old Fart, C.A.M.R.A., Money, Electricity, Life. Recorded On Mars.