Savage Crimes E.P.

1. Psyclobin
2. Psyclobin Reaction

3. I'll See You Again
4. Thoughts Of You

all tracks © 1990 pitch and putt records
all songs written by John Crewdson. Lyrics on track 4 by L. Roberts.

Full Line Up: John Crewdson

 Thank You List:
Sony Walkmans, mr. Stiffee, Denis Nilsen, Letraset, Standard Fireworks, Asterix, Wadsworth 6X, The Double Dekkers, Jack Ruby, Food, Les Dennis, Green House Burgers, Billy Whizz, Linda Roberts, Yoghurt, R.J. McMurphy, Jon Mundy, 4 square, The Late Show, Agent Orange, Freewheelin Franklin, Big Bird, Cargo, Hot Potato, Keith Berry, Christopher Lillycrap, Ralph McTell, Akka Bilk, Cleo Layne, Atara's Band, That Guy With The Afro From Magpie.