Lived On No Devil

1. Alone Not Lonely
2. Psycomania
3. Been Waiting So Long
4. Make Your Music Worthwhile
5. Every Now And Then
6. Mind Bending Spoons
7. Screw The House
8. Can Nothing Be The Same?
9. Just A Smackhead Parts I & II
10. Rather Green
11. Only For The Blind
12. The Final Trip

all tracks © 1990 pitch and putt record
all songs written by John Crewdson except 5 & 9 (lyrics by Mark Chatburn)
Full Line Up: John Crewdson, Mark Chatburn
 Thank You List:
Alcohol, Dylsexia, Oxygen, D.N.A., Wet Paint, Purple, That Bloke Over There, Mark Chatburn, Berol Standard, Bostick.

* please note- for reasons of copyright, quality control and good taste, not all tracks are available.