1. Sex, Drugs And Sausage Rolls
2. Hear This
3. Surreal Baby (How Do You Feel?)
4. Spilling Blood
5. Try Your Best
6. Farewell Stuart Hall
7. Post Bag
8. Let Me Go
9. Long, She Danced
10. Evil Angel

all tracks © 1990 pitch and putt record
All Songs Written By John Crewdson (Additional lyrics on Track 3 by M. Chatburn)

Thank You List:
North West Tonight, Old Hoburn, Bentley's Yorkshire Bitter, Brian Hornby, The Banana Splits, Scrabble, Time, Tascam, Tree's, Derek and Clive, Son House, Tea.

Farewell Stuart Hall lyrics
A Fond Farewell Stuart Hall
Stuart Stuart Is Very Tall
Oh No He's Not He's Very Small
He Wears Shirts With Yellow Collars
I Wouldn't Wear One For A Million Dollars
In The Evening We Hear Him Call
A Fond Fare Well
Stuart Hall
He Gets Letters In His Post Bag
About John Who's A Bore
And Gwyneth The Fat Slag
A Fond Farewell To Stuart Hall
Stuart Stuarts On The Ball
A Fond Farewell From Stuart Hall