1. Timbuktu
2. "You Are Hearing Me Talk"
3. Bromo-Quinine
4. "What's Happening In The Clean World?"
5. "I'd Give My Goddamn Soul For A Glass Of Beer"
6. "Feeling Good Is Good Enough"
7. "Rape, Murder, Arson And Rape"
8. Shaggy Gets Irate
9. "I Think You Need Just To Turn That Music Off"
10. "And If All Goes To Plan, We Should Land On Mars In Sixty Days"
11. "In My Country…"
12. Saucers And Flying Ants
13. "Mayfield, Mayfield"
14. "More Testicles Means More Iron"
15. "That's Life"
16. "I Just Came Here To Check My Hair. Perfect As Usual"
17. "I Asked Americans…"
18. "Armageddon!"
19. "It's Nice To Share"
20. Addis Ababa
21. "Drive By Fucking Badwater"

all tracks copyright 2003 pitch and putt records
all tracks produced by John Crewdson