Pound For Pound (I'm The Best Around)

1. Every Thing In The World
2. Only In It For The Gravy
3. Never Seen You Before
4. Zy- Lo
5. Blu Loo Scene
6. Class Pans
7. Sorry
8. Whisper To The World
9. Funken
10. What Can I Do To Destroy You?
11. Got To Get You Into My Wife
12. Memory Foam: The Musical
13. Mos Geoff
14. My First And Last

all tracks ©  pitch and putt records
all tracks written and produced by John Crewdson Except tracks 1 & 7 written by Paul Burke

Lyrics For Only In It For The Gravy
Think You Can Find A Way
To Get Across The Wall?
Don't Think The Wall's Too Tall
I Think It's Scalable
This Post Just Can't Be Sent
`Cos It's Un-Frankable
It'll Have To Wait Three Days
If It Gets Sent At All
The Carpets Made Of Wood
The Curtains Made Of Pine
The Ceilings Mashed Up Spud
The Sink Is Frozen Lime
No, I'm Not Having It
That Monkeys Just Not Mine
What Have You Done To Him?
What Have You Done This Time?
You Stole Him From The Shed
That's Where I Make Him Live
We Had A Row Last Night
I Sent Him Off To Bed
I Know God's Got Lots Of Stuff
To Fill Up His Spare Time
But Nothing Gets Him Off
Like Watching 'Life Of Grime'
You Know I Robbed Your Soup
You Know I Took It All
You Think It's Lobster Bisque
But Its Just Vegetable
Consider Made Up Fruit
See How Long It Shines
You Got The Bona Fides
I Got The Razorwire
This List I Have Compiled
Of Things That Get You Riled
It Starts With 60's Style
Ands Ends In "Wot No Mild?"