Think Bike

1. Powerline Flicker parts 1 and 2
2. Swerve House
3. Eastern Aerobics
4. Rivers of Para
5. Lost Cities of Switzerland
6. Jimmy Shelter
7. Southern Nevada War Authority
8. Frostrup Apocalypse
9. Pyroclastic Fantastic
10. Straw Tracker
11. Got Kelp
12. Nazi Police
13. Beef Tea Tango
14. Cable Creek
15. Squid Jamboree
16. F.C. Astrateks
all tracks © 2010 pitch and putt records
all tracks written and produced by John Crewdson

Swerve House

Bean Bags Jazz Mags

Things You Never Throw Away

Old Shoes And All The Films Of Michael Bay

A Rather Nice Floral Display

Fashioned By The Stars Of Play Away

Once Owned By D.J. Norman Jay

He Sold It For Six Quid On The Ebay

Celebrate Bingo Callers Day

Eyes Down Its Time To Play

Old Muff, Duff Poufe

Caustic Aftershave From Magaluf

The Tip, One Trip To Dump Your Stuff Don’t Huff

Bookmarks And Broken Xmas Lights

Snapped Kites Ripped Tights A Box Marked ‘General Shite’

In The Loft For Twenty Years

Macramé Swingball Deckchair Wine Rack Lampshade

Dusty Rusty Old Golf Clubs

Miami Vice Jigsaw: No Hand Of Tubbs.

Lost Cities Of Switzerland
Fixing Whigfield’s Modular Neutron Array

Astrid Kirchherr’s Pungent Four-Goat Spray

Martin John Kemp’s ‘Klaxons Rice Buffet’
Christs In Chiswell Performing Cabaret
In Your Face

‘Holy Fuck Sticks’ Sang The Ace Of Bass

Gibbous Moons Still Discriminate On Race

Secret Signs In Your Toothpaste

‘Gouty Foot Swell’ : The B Sides Of Embrace

No Way Out , No Hope, No Fun


Roll The Stars Into Black Holes

They Can’t Get Out

Fed Into The Mouth

They Just Roll About

Whispering The Days

Fleeting As It Is

Once More

Feels Like Always

Unfolding On The Way

Binding Like It Does

Still Whispering The Days

The Morning Lights The Way

Whispering The Days

Still Whispering The Days

The Nights Go Out Of Phase

Whispering The Days

Beef Tea Tango

Sulfur Splits The Boiling Sea

Spreads Her Arms To Me

Harboring The Anchor Green

Dreams Of The Yangtze

The Actress In Disguise

With Bader-Meinhoff Eyes

Scorning The First Prize Today

Costumes Of Creoles

Make Uwe Boll’s Cheese Rolls

Turn And Face Their Judgment Day

Syphilitic Nose Decay

Posing For The Grave

Mingebag Open Skies Today

Chemicals In Pies

On The Quarter Day

Take A Manta Ray

And Get To Know It’s D.N.A.

Off To Senegal

Or Any Port Of Call

Go Crashing Out Of Serie A

Squid Jamboree

Sit Tight Tonight I’m Traveling

Hold On Your Mind’s Unraveling

Far Away And Without Delay

Oh Come With Me Where We Can Be Free

Under The Sea, The Squid Jamboree

The Waters Lovely

Hot Crabs And None Too Ugly

Dirty Wigs And Spicy Figs

Oh What More, Is There In Store?

Under The Sea, The Squid Jamboree

Ask Me What Games They’re Playing

Down Where The Seaweed’s Swaying

Swim About Or Knock One Out

Guess The Weight Of The Biggest Skate

But Don’t Ask Where The Lobsters Are

It All Kicked Off And Now They’re Barred

Under The Sea, Squid Jamboree

Ask Not For Squid Information

Join In The Kelp Congregation

See That Bream Lacking Self Esteem?

Crabs Dance And Sing As The Sea Bass Swing

Feeling Chilled Flirting With The Sild

For Cods Sake Make Love Not Hake

Under The Sea, Squid Jamboree

all lyrics copyright 2010 John Crewdson

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