The Epic of Gilgamesh - Tablet V - Nice place you've got here

The pair enter the Cedar Forest, and with false bravado begin to call out to Humbaba, taunting him. Humbaba comes into view, a terrifying, semi-robotic creature. He speaks to Gilgamesh, expressing surprise that a great king would listen to the advice of a wildman like Enkidu. He also speaks to Enkidu, reminding him that, during his time in the wilds, Humbaba easily could have come over and attacked him, but did not. He tries to dissuade them from their mission, reminding him that the god Enlil place him here for the purpose of protecting the Cedar Forest. Gilgamesh becomes quite frightened at Humbaba’s appearance – his face keeps changing, which Gilgamesh finds unnerving, and he begins to express doubt about proceeding. Enkidu, frustrated with Gilgamesh’s sudden reluctance, instructs him to man up, and they launch into the attack. A fierce battle ensues, with neither side gaining an advantage. Gilgamesh and Enkidu appeal to Shamash for his promised assistance, and he assures them he is there, unleashing the “13 winds,” a weapon which incapacitates Humbaba, allowing Enkidu to grab hold of him. Whilst in Enkidu’s grasp, Humbaba begs Gilgamesh for mercy. Enkidu says to hurry up and do it, before Enlil arrives and becomes angry. Humbaba, seeing that Gilgamesh listens to Enkidu, then appeals to Enkidu, imploring that he convince Gilgamesh not to go through with it. Enkidu tells Gilgamesh to go for it, and Gilgamesh chops off Humbaba’s head. Now that the battle is finished, the pair set about harvesting the trees of the Cedar Forest. Enkidu ironically intends to use the tallest tree to make a door for the Temple of Enlil. They chop down the trees, then use the huge door as a raft to ride down the River Euphrates, back to Uruk-Haven.