The Epic of Gilgamesh - Tablet VII - House of Dust

Enkidu awakens and tells Gilgamesh of a dream he’s just had, wherein a Council of Gods decided that one of them would have to die to atone for killing the Bull and Humbaba etc., and they had decided it would be Enkidu. Enkidu realises that, although it was only a dream, he’s genuinely feeling quite ill, and is certain he is not long for the world. He suggests they take a walk through Uruk, to revisit the places they’ve known before it's too late.
When he sees the door of the Temple of Enlil, he becomes bitter, and rages about his sad lot and how he has come to this end. He curses the Trapper who first told Gilgamesh of his presence, and curses Shamhat the harlot for bringing him to civilisation.
Shamash is then heard as he upbraids Enkidu for cursing Shamhat, reminding him that without her he would have done none of the great things he has done, and would never have met his treasured friend Gilgamesh. Enkidu recants, and blesses Shamhat, wishing her all good things.
As he nears his end, Enkidu relates another dream he’s had, about being dragged into the underworld, which is a House of Dust, where people drink dirt, eat clay, and dress in the feathers of birds, and those who were kings in the mortal world now wait on the gods as servants.
As he’s about to die, Enkidu bemoans that during his final 11 days, Gilgamesh has left his side, making him feel abandoned and alone; however, Gilgamesh arrives to comfort him just as Enkidu passes away.