It's Reefer Time Kids!

1. You Know Me
2. Life Is For Living
3. Blue Peter
4. Warwick Wasn't There
5. Home Computer
6. Mosh
7. Can U Babe?
8. Collect Vollette
9. Feedbackadingdongaramalola
10. Sit Back And Relapse
11. It's Not Music- It's Nose Candy

all tracks © 1989 pitch and putt records
Full Line Up: John Crewdson, Warwick Durnian, Craig Clifford with Spencer Reynolds (guitar), Karl Crewdson (drum machine).

Blue Peter lyrics
Oh Blue, Blue Peter Where Are You Now?
I Am A Cow Boy
Got To Eat Got To Get Some Food Quick
Oh Peter
I Remember You In That Helicopter thing That Went
Upside Down In The Swimming Baths
Blue Blue Peter
Oh Simon Groom
I Remember You In My Living Room
At Tea Time
With That Dog
Peter Purves
You're No Longer With Us
John,John Oh John Noakes Where Have You Gone?
Shep Down Get
Tina Heep
Who Remembers Grange Hill?
With Doyle And Boil
Pogo And Wayne
Tucker Jenkins
Benny-He Was My Real Favourite!
Because Its Football- Right!
It`S A Buzz -Right!
Mrs Maclusky-We All Love Her
Mrs Maclusky
GrrrrrrBullet And His Funny `At

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