No Preservatives

1. Salman Rushdie
2. Hard Banana
3. Thieves Guild
4. Trees And Flowers
5. Planet Of The Apes
6. Out And About
7. Asteroid Belt
8. Acid Tripper
9. Rakes*
10. Funky Sexy
11. Jimy In The Sky
12. Jimy (The Epitath)
13. Good Bye From The Purple And The Very Big

all tracks © 1989 pitch and putt records
produced by John Crewdson and John Ginley
Full Line Up: Craig Clifford, Mark Chatburn, John Crewdson, Warwick Durnian, Brian Hornby with Darren Williamson, John Ginley.

Thank You List:
John Ginley, Lucy Robinson, My Mum, Karl Crewdson, Ayatollah Homani, The King Of Norway, Salman Rushdie, Spar Superstore, Lennon And McCartney, Drug Pushers Of The World, Skippy, Look-In, Princess Anne, The Playbus, The Spongy Bits On The End Of The Microphones, Jack Daniels, Billy The Fish, Blue Peter, Jossy Blair, Amstrad, The Burnley Building Society ,Rice Crispies, The Jesus Liberation Front Hemel Hempsted, Stonybridge, Fleetwood Cab Company, Tarby, The Professionals, Daz, Gentle Ben, Mike, Rufus, Fred Dibnah, W. Axle Rose, Roy Kinnear, The Chord A Minor, Rolf Harris, Ted Moult, Stein Lager, Clive, Me.

Asteroid Belt lyrics
Like I Said Last Night
My Asteroid Belt Is Too Tight
Hey! Its Too Tight
Now You Know I`M Right
My Asteroid Belt Is Too Tight
Hey! What A Sight
Now You Know It`S Not Quite Right
My Asteroid Belt Is Too Tight
It Makes My Head Go Light
Like I Said Last Night It Makes My Head Go Light
The Stars Are Way Too Bright
Now You Know Its Not Quite Right,Stars Are Way Too Bright,Makes My Head Go White
Now My Brain Is Taking Flight-Feels Like Kryptonite
Asteroid Belt-Too Tight
Asteroid Belt-Too Tight
Asteroid Belt-Too Tight
Asteroid Belt-Too Tight
Asteroid Belt -Too Tight
Asteroid Belt-Too Tight
You Know I`M Right-My Asteroid Belt Is Too Tight
The Aliens Are In A Fight Oh Yeah What A Sight
Jimy In the Sky lyrics
Sitting In My Garden
Waiting For The Plastic
With My Non-Stick Frying Pan
Its Really Fantastic
Jimy - Sky
Jimy Comes Along And Says:
"Look At That Cloud"
"Where"? I Say Out Loud
Jimy Points In The Air
And Floats Away With Out A Care
Oh I Wonder Why
Is Jimy In The Sky
He's Up There Quite High
He's Walking Like A Fly
Oh I Wonder Why
Is Jimy In The Sky
Sitting In My Garden
With My Non- Stick Frying Pan
And Still I Wonder Why
Is Jimy In The Sky
I Think He's Telling Lies
He's Telling Porky Pies
He's Up There Quite High
I'm Waving My Good Bye
My Legs Are On Fire
Planet Of The Apes lyrics

Places Near And Far
Planet Of The Apes
Planet Of The Apes
Making Faces
Join The Dots
Fight With Apes
Help Galen Reach His Human Friends
Which Two Are The Same?
the hirundu
Thieves Guild lyrics

Hiding In The Shadows
Moving Silently
Listening At The Door
In The Thieves Guild
Ascending And Descending Vertical Surfaces
In The Thieves Guild
Back-Stabbing Is The Striking Of A Blow
From Behind
Pilfering And Filtering
These Functions Are Basically Self Explanatory
These Functions Are Detailed As Follows
These Primary Secondary And Tertiary Functions
In The Thieves Guild
Thieves Cannot Build Strongholds
A Tower Or Fortified Building
Not More Than A Mile Distance From A Town Or City
In The Thieves Guild
Hearing Noises Is Simply Listening Intently
Climbing Walls Is Attempted When Ever Needed Or Desired
Moving Silently Can Be Attempted Each Time The Thief Moves
Opening Locks, For Any Given Thief, But Once- Per Lock
In The Thieves Guild
Finding And Removing Traps
Reading Languages
They Have Their Own Language
Called The Thieves Cant
In The Thieves Guild
In The Thieves Guild

Out And About lyrics

Searching High For Something In The Sky
Out And About
Out And About
Lets All Wave And Shout
All The Elephants
Out And About
Compact Disc
Said The Secretary Of State
Would Salman Shaky Plate?
And The Police Arrived Immedietly
Giro Cheque Were Cashed
Most Of Them Were Inhaling Glue
They Were Out And About
Bedroom Bargains Went Off Today
Salman Rushdie lyrics
Oh Salman Rushdie Oh Tell Me Where You Are Now
Where Are You Salman, Salman Rushdie
We Don't Want To Kill You
Like The Ayatollah
(Old And Crusty)
Where Are You Salman, Salman Rushdie
the hirundu
Acid Tripper lyrics

I Met A Weird Girl Yeah
She's On A Frenzied Night Out
She Said 'I'm Going To Fly -Yeah'
Then I'll Scream And Shout
She Was An Acid Tripper
Ecstasy's For Her
It Took Me So Long To Try It Out
But I Tried It Out
It Ain't So Easy
Flying Through The Air
It Ain't So Easy Flying Through The Air
It Was An Acid Trip Yeah
Stars All In My Head
It Took So Long
To Come Down
But I Came Down
I Tried To Walk Yeah
But Found It Hard To Stand
I Tried To Move Yeah
I Had To Stand On My Hands
I Was An Acid Tripper
Thought I Must Be Dead
It Took So Long To Dry Out
But I Dried Out
Acid Tripper Yeah

Jimy (The Epitaph) lyrics
Jimy Oh Why
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