Dirty Pudding #1 "Nutwhips"

The Dirty Pudding Project is a 13 part Audio Visual extrava-gunza consisting of 13 pieces of audio each with accompanying text and digital art work. Listen to the sounds, read the text and look at the pic- that kind of thing.

 Goldman boards the Clytemnestra. The heroine sickens. Bean swill and Green Gauge. The addict General. Chaos Cheese.
Within the shock water.
Should Stint flush Stent? Stent responds beneath a tile. The plotter lets slip the Utility Pelican over an elaborate estate.
Stent crawls from the drain. Under the raised digest speaks a Ten Lord. Stent crawls above Stint. Stent prefixes Stint: ‘The power cyclist’.
Gente arrives disturbed at the Airport as his flight is delayed. Huge towers loom over the horizon. Nant shines under the tense blame. The harsh mountain appears before Gente. Nant toasts to her Clone. The mountain is dark, mist covered. Without the differing ocean.
The muttering soil, the erroneous Flaneur. A sleeping predisguise and the gorgeous starter.
Disregard the chemical surgery.

© 2013 pitch and putt records
written and produced by John Crewdson