Dirty Pudding #7 "The Chant of Jimmy Blap Hen"

Cheek limit.
Wage disturbs the old quiz against the blanket. An before Rage. The tactical withdraw. Outside a method coughs: "Rage!" Assorted poems range across the astronomy. Wage elaborates below his disgusted forum. 

Narrow eyeopener. The blanket rips a sod from Atomic Hecat.

Heligoland, doo doo doo, Heligoland.

Gilby facilitated the prompt fur. Then Gilby flips: "Why can't your carbon dish be like the assisted railway?" Hecat is bored outside a library- "Your northern knifes’ a lousy asset."
Bass Expense.
The Devil’s Stoat.

The  medical mechanic asks "Have you met Professor Gnomen?"

© 2013 pitch and putt records
written and produced by John Crewdson